collageBefore becoming a personal trainer I struggled with my own weight. I completely revamped my lifestyle, lost over 50lbs and I am passionate  about helping others do the same. I became a personal trainer because  there is no greater feeling than being able to help people reach their  goals, whatever they may be. I base my success as a trainer on the  accomplishments of my clients. I believe in being an example for my clients and I practice what I preach. In addition to staying fit, I compete in Figure and Bikini competitions.


I have experience training clients with a variety of fitness goals, and I enjoy seeing clients get excited about their progress. I have Gina Compworked with many clients who have lost weight ranging from 5 pounds to  115 pounds. Equally important are those clients who have not only lost  weight, but have lost a significant percentage of body fat and converted their tissue composition to mostly lean muscle. I have enjoyed the challenge of helping clients to boost their self-confidence and overall qualities of life. Trainers should be very  versatile and be able to work with many different populations. I feel  that my experience has allowed me to help all types of people meet their unique goals.